Question by  harwoodkp (376)

What is the climate zone that experiences the greatest temperature change during the year?

I want to live there.


Answer by  Milette (1105)

The temperate zone. Areas such as the Ohio Valley in the United States or the southern shores of Hudson Bay in Canada.


Answer by  mesh (351)

Central and eastern Asia typically experince the largest seasonal changes. An example is Siberia, which can experience extreme temperatures below zero and temperatures greater than one hundred.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

Some believe it would be some of the desert areas due to the lack of water vapor in the air. You can have temperatures over 100 degrees in the summer and below freezing temperatures in winter. Some experience 60 degree differences in the same day.


Answer by  Kimi (432)

This does not have to do so much with the climate zone as the proximity to water. Areas near the centers of Continents tend to experience greatest yearly variations.

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