Question by  sky (22)

What is the caffeine content of a chai latte?


Answer by  benson54 (25)

It contains about 100 mg of caffeine, if we take the baseline to be a Tazo Chai Latte (16 oz) purchased from Starbucks.


Answer by  emhaskey (685)

A 16 oz Starbucks Chai Tea Latte contains about 100mg of caffeine. Considering that healthy adults should aim to consume no more than 300-500mg of caffeine daily, one chai latte each day is harmless, as far as caffeine goes.


Answer by  Bustelo (9)

The average chai latte contains fifty percent tea. The caffeine content will, of course, depend on the volume of the drink. An eight ounce chai latte will contain approximately 25-30 mg of caffeine. A sixteen ounce chai latte will contain approximately 50-60 mg of caffeine. A twenty-four ounce chai latte will contain approximately 75-90 mg of caffeine.


Answer by  wennifred (597)

It varies by brand but is generally about 6-8 mg/oz (milligrams per ounce). This would be 48-64 mg in an 8oz (short) drink, 72-96 mg in a 12oz (tall) drink, and 96-128 mg in a 16oz (grande) drink, minus any extra foam.


Answer by  jheremans (1446)

Well this depends on how much chai latte you want to drink, but obviously this kind of drink is more on tea so it has a bit less caffeine than your regular coffee. I would say a 16oz cup of chai latte has 100mg of caffeine in it which is enough to keep you on the go.


Answer by  javamama (12)

The caffeine content of a chai latte depends on the brand and size you are drinking. Tazo brand chai, which is featured at Starbucks,contains 50mg per 8 ounce serving.


Answer by  Squeaker (100)

Chai tea latte is traditionally brewed using black tea, to which spices and steamed milk is added. Black tea contains 40 milligrams of caffeine per 8 ounce serving. Chia tea lattes can also be made with green tea, but the caffeine content is the same, and you will lose flavor.


Answer by  baba24 (270)

The caffeine count is actually pretty high in this drink with a caffeine count much higher than most lattes. The amount of of caffeine in a sixteen ounce cup is approximately one hundre milligrams.


Answer by  mrsmyers (474)

That would depend on how large of a serving of chai latte you are having and who made it for you. If you are looking for something to base it off of, if you get a chai latte from say starbucks, you are going to have about 100 mg of caffine.

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