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Question by  rigormortis (13)

What is the best ointment for a burned finger?

I would like something that would numb it.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

You can always get Neosporin with the painkilling properties. Not all Neosporin helps pain so make sure to read the label. Another thing you can try is Boil Ease. That is not for burns but it does help the pain caused by boils. Applying some of that would kill the pain.


Answer by  mars3291 (252)

Try Dr. Numb Numbing cream. It is a topical anesthetic cream used in conditions like minor burns, itching and other skin discomforts.


Answer by  jupiterfox (328)

The best ointment for a burned finger is usually an antibiotic ointment with a pain reliever.It is also important to use a bandaid to help protect the finger.Do not try ice and ice water for treatment though.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Aloe vera gel is good. If the gel is put in the freezer for a short time, it will sooth the burned finger.


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

The ointment that would best numb the burn on the finger would be toothpaste. People are saying that it is effective.


Answer by  firstaidpro (8)

Most ointments--over-the-counter products as well as home remedies like butter--mask the burn to the touch, but disguise the fact that the burn is deepening under the surface. The best treatment for a burned finger is to keep it under cool running water until it feels better.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Go to your local pharmacy and look for stuff called burn gel. It is designed to help heal your burn faster, and has the added bonus of numbing the area you have gotten burned. It also comes standard in most first aid kits you purchase as well.


Answer by  Buldog60 (98)

Foille has been the number one choice of my family for years. I can remember my grandmother having it above her stove for years. Also anything with aloe vera is great for healing not as much numbing.


Answer by  mascota (639)

I've always been told not to put ointment on burns. Dip injured finger in cold water or apply an ice pack to it to numb it.

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