Question by  Shana (44)

What is the best name brand dog food for pitbull puppies?


Answer by  Fran67 (77)

Taste of the Wild is a limited ingredient food (has no fillers) that comes in a formula suitable for puppies of all breeds. Limited ingredient foods have more meat than regular dry food and is very filling for puppies.


Answer by  PrncsPrple (237)

There are several acceptable, go to a natural pet food store. I work at a vet, but recommend the natural foods, they are the best. Some to choose from include Canidae, Taste of The Wild, Solid Gold, Wellness, Merrick, California Natural, Innova, Evangers. My recommendation is to go to the store and ask what specific one they recommend.


Answer by  VetTech75 (29)

I suggest Hill's Science Diet which is available at your local veterinarian and is also available at many larger chain stores. Look for a food that has a high protein content because a lot of foods have "filler" which is not as good for your dog. Hill's comes in smaller bite sizes for puppies.


Answer by  wodie126 (17)

The best brand of dog food for pitbulls is Purine Dog Chow. This food helps make them strong and prevents them from getting the diahrrea that the soft food causes.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

I feed all my puppies Kibble select that way they get the vegetables their growing bodies need as well as the meats.


Answer by  cody412 (114)

No dog food that is better for a specific breed of dog then another. Read labels and look for all natural ingredients, stay away from ones that use grains.

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