Question by  Art34 (8)

What is the best kind of soil for filling in around spruce trees?

The soil where I live has a lot of clay in it.


Answer by  RabbitPacker (110)

Spruce trees prefer moist, very rich soil. You will want to get a different kind of soil to fill in around your trees than what is in your local area, because clay doesn't stay moist and has very few nutrients. However, spruce trees really are pretty hardy and as long as the soil isn't too alkaline you should be fine.


Answer by  mrtn (119)

The best type of soil for spruce trees is an acidic soil. Clay soil is fine, but you should go to your local landscaping store and by Holitone. You mix this into the soil around the ball of the tree. This will increase the acidity in the soil and allow your spruce trees to grow and not brown out.


Answer by  treemom (334)

You can loosen up the clay soil by adding some organic material like compost. Mix well, and use about 1/3 compost. Also, plant your tree so the rootball is a little higher than it grew in the nursery.


Answer by  tadpole (468)

It is best to amend the soil with some type of loom like peat or manure and or sand and that will help break up the clay.

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