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Question by  acornwell82 (32)

What exactly is papyrus paper?

My future mother in law thinks my wedding invitations should be done on papyrus paper.


Answer by  elb (1105)

Papyrus is similar to paper. In ancient Egypt, stems of marsh reeds were placed in a mesh: one layer horizontal, another vertical, then pounded together, dried and polished.


Answer by  nuttree (1596)

In the modern world, at least in the USA, "Papyrus" is the brand name for a line of greeting cards, invitations and stationery. The company's name comes from the papyrus reed, which grew in Egyptian wetlands and was used to make an early form of paper.


Answer by  SarahG (130)

Papyrus paper is a paper made from the Cyperus Papyrus plant, it was widely used by Egyptians for many things such as boat construction, basket making and paper! Papyrus is still used today in many ways in more rural communities.


Answer by  Mike39 (320)

Papyrus paper is paper made of Cyperus papyrus, which is a plan that grows in Egypt. Ancient Egyptians were the first people to start using papyrus stems to make paper. Papyrus paper shares many characteristics of the conventional paper that we use today; however, the ancient people would usually make scrolls rather than books like we have today.


Answer by  cangel818 (981)

Papyrus paper Papyrus plant which grew along the Nile River in Egypt. The paper making technique disappeared but was reestablished in 1969. The process is quite long and complicated and similar to the original technique but with modern equipment. It is a textured paper and looks almost like material. It is strong and waterproof. It is also quite expensive.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

It is an expensive kind of hand made paper for writing on, or for printing projects. It is constructed from thin layers of papyrus, a plant found in Egypt.


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

It is paper made from the papyrus plant. The first paper was made by Egyptians by pounding the plant thin and weaving it. It has a think bumpy texture.


Answer by  lee54 (144)

Papyrus paper is made from the Egyptian plant papyrus. It is made into cards and stationaries and designed to look like antique paper which is light yellowish or beige in color. It is lightweight but durable. It is also used for paintings.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

It is a thick paper made from the Cyprus papyrus plant in Egypt. Used CE 800 it was the most commonly used writing material in Egypt. It can also be made into other things like hats, rope and floor mats. Important documents are still printed on it such as graduation diplomas.


Answer by  Pineapple7 (260)

Papyrus paper is a paper that is traced back to ancient Egypt. It is made with water, and also from the Papyrus plant. Many believe that Papyrus goes hand in hand with celebration, so using this paper for your invitations would be very fitting!

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