Question by  YellowCar (87)

What is the best kind of motorcycle helmet for the money?


Answer by  rejoice (216)

I recently lost a friend who had a fancy bike but did not wear a helmet. Very silly accident - swerved to avoid a dog and lost control. Please invest money in a good helmet. Your bike probably cost a lot - a few hundred dollars more'll protect you.


Answer by  addicted (186)

Hi, choose one which has full face protection and has a complete back and a chin guard. Although it looks uncomfortable if you buy the right size you'll get used to it.

Reply by wonderman (201):
I'd really suggest you look at the padding too - better padding will keep you more comfy and also make sure the seat does not soak you or drip down your forehead  add a comment

Answer by  jeyR (264)

You could get helmets for less than 50$, but I wouldn't trust my head or life to them. Get one that costs at least 100 $ - don;t go for fancy colors but for good quality and safety features.

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