Question by  MahmoudNadi (30)

What is the best insecticide for cinch bugs in lawns?

I need results on my lawn.


Answer by  Gaks3 (7)

The best way of treating cinch bugs is the insecticide called Talstar. If used in liquid form it should be applied by using a hose and sprayer.


Answer by  praveenalister (79)

The important thing that should be made for a well-maintained lawn is to keep it away from disease and insect free. Cinch bugs will probably grow during the month of April. Those bugs should be identified by their physical features. Insecticides that are made from organophosphate and carbaryl are the best ones for cinch bugs. They kill the bugs effectively.


Answer by  danieljitaru (277)

The insecticid may affect plants but you can try Bovea products.. They are cheap and very good. But like i said try to kill those bugs bu hand

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