Question by  Bigpeter (58)

What is the best home based business for women?

I've decided I am going to conduct a home based business.


Answer by  partibreaker (87)

Nowadays everything is online. So i recommend You to try to find some online job in which you can see your future. Be careful of scams.


Answer by  yingyang267 (6)

Avon is the best home based business for women. You can choose your own hours and you are paid a commission on the amount you sell to customers. There are tools to help you become successful, such as demos. Your leader will help you in whatever way she/he can since if you do well, they do well.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

There is not any specific business that is best suited for women. You need to find your passion, do some research to see if it can be viable and profitable and develop a plan. Also check on similar business that are successful and ask some probing questions like the start up costs and any licenses you may need.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

Probably babysitting in your home. If you are home all day anyway the job would be great. You wouldn't need pffice clothes or special work uniforms or anything. You could specialize in caring for infants because many daycare centers won't take kids not potty trained.


Answer by  gunner70 (10)

Ones that provide flexible scheduling, yet potential for making lots of money would be the best. Being able to express their individuality and creativity could also be important to some.


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

It really depends on what your interests are. One friend of mine does customer service at home. Another does scrapbooking and gets her kids involved. In both cases, they just enjoy doing what they do. You should sit and decide what you are passionate about and how to make that into a business.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

The best home based business is one in which your current talents and skills can generate income. This could be a hobby turned into a business. It could be freelancing to offer your skills as a contract employee, which pays 20-50% more than the pay rate of your current employer.


Answer by  cpbridges (65)

I would more than likely say Medical Transcriptionist. Mostly women are doing this and usually from home. There are even company worldwide that will hire a person from anywhere to do this from the convienience of there own home.


Answer by  rhelms10 (310)

The best home base business, other than owning your own business and working out of your home, is Mary Kay. You make 50% profit on all the products you sell, which is higher than any other selling based business. You also get commission on the sales of women you have gotten to sign up under you.

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