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Question by  Varka (14)

What is the best hair dye?

I want o color my hair.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

If you can afford it you should see a specialist in stying and coloring hair. Doing it yourself, while can save money, can also damage your hair.


Answer by  Gigi4808 (47)

For something subtle a home product such as Loreal in a demi-gloss is a good choice. It washes out in about seven washes. For more dramatic results visit a salon.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

If you have not colored your hair before, try a demi dye, as these dyes are gentler on the hair since they don't lift out any color, but deposit a color on top of the hair strand, keeping you from having to worry about roots every six weeks. Your local beauty store should be able to help you.


Answer by  shijo (861)

The best hair dyes in the market these days are Garnier, Oreal etc. These products will have only a minimal damage compared to other products.


Answer by  bindusvikram (66)

Boiled one cup of dried goosberry with 4 cups of water. Add a Pinch of sugar in it. Keep Boiling till the quantity of the liquid reduces to one cup. Mix 2 cups of Mehendi,an egg,juice of a lemon and the goosberry solution and apply on hair. Wash the hair after two hours.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Stay away from the cheap boxes of hair dye. The ten dollar a box coloring works great. Use two boxes in order to get all of your hair.

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