Question by  andrew54 (66)

What is the best Bible version?

I want one that is easy to understand but true to the original.


Answer by  BibleLuv (8)

I have the English Standard Version arranged in 365 daily readings - also known as "the one year Bible",it includes all the chapters as well as psalms and proverbs, it is true to the original but converted to be read and understood easily.


Answer by  patti (29325)

How "true" a particular version is "to the original" is a matter of opinion. The King James Bible is very popular. If you go to a large bookstore, you'll find several different Bibles on the shelf. You can browse and choose the one that is easiest for you to understand. Ask your clergy for recommendations.


Answer by  fealsunai (13)

For many the King James version is the authoritative translation, but its outdated English is difficult. The New Revised Standard Version updates this translation, combining accuracy with readable everyday language.


Answer by  whitfulone (22)

The Contemporary English Version (CEV) is theologically accurate yet easy to comprehend. People that have attempted to read other versions without success with enjoy the CEV.


Answer by  JonStanley (17)

As those are somewhat exclusive qualifications, much depends on personal preference. "The Message," for instance, is very easy to read, but not at all literal, while others go into varying levels of readable yet literal/accurate. I would suggest the NRSV, (New Revised Standard Version) or the ESV (English Standard Version.)

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