Question by  Landjet (19)

What is the best advice for choosing a gymnastic club?


Answer by  P32nicky (73)

Choose a club that is close to you. The closer is is the most often you will want to go. Test the place out before signing any contract. Make sure you feel confortable working out there. I like Golds Gyms.


Answer by  Tsewang (16)

I would say you should go investigate the various clubs and talk to the coaches and or owners of the clubs. A USA Gymnastics certified logo does greatly help but usually this has become quite controversial ESPN made a short documentary on this subject.


Answer by  Julianne (31)

A gymnastic club should be chosen based upon the level of the gymnast and the comfort between gymnast and coaches. It is important to choose a club with coaches who make the gymnast comfortable. The gymnast and coaches must have a good relationship to allow for feedback and optimal learning.


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

Look for a club that understands that there is more to life than just gymnastics. There needs to be a good balance between gym,school,family and friends. If your child lives,eats and breathes gymnastics, they will get burned out by the time they reach the teen years.

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