Question by  atomiclemon (188)

What is the average temperature in Dubai?


Answer by  Gunrunner (561)

Lows of mid/low 40's to highs in the high 70's from Nov - Feb. From Mar - Oct it ranges from lows of mid 60's to highs in the 120's.


Answer by  mistika (121)

The temperature in Dubai varies depending on the season; however, the majority of days are sunny with infrequent rainfall. Average temperatures range from a low of 10°C (50°F) to a high of 48°C (118°F), depending on time of year.


Answer by  Cassandradalla (228)

Temperatures in Dubai average a low of fifty to fifty seven degrees Fahrenheit in winter, but rise to a searing one hundred and eighteen degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest summer months of July and August. So the average temperature in Dubai depends on the time frame under discussion.


Answer by  Csk5 (265)

The average temperature is a comfortable one, but with the humidity, it can get a little unbearable. Also ranging to quite hot.


Answer by  Bob1006 (169)

During July and Aug, Dubai's hottest months, Dubai's average temperature can range from 85F to 103F. The summer months are hot and humid. The cool months are January and February, where the average temperature ranges 58F to 74F. Dubai is usually sunny. The occasional rainfall happens in the winter months, starting in October.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

There is a huge range in temperature in Dubai depending on the month and time of day. The winter average is 75 degrees F and the summer is 101 degrees F.


Answer by  dlraska (460)

The weather usually ranges from 35 and 40 degrees centigrade. The highest it gets in some months is seventy nine. It is very nice weather there.


Answer by  nasa7rediffmailcom (4)

The temperature in dubai is hot and humid. The temperature in Summer varies from 38-45 degree centigrade which totally unbearable. The weather during winter is also very extreme and the body gets totally dry.As Dubai is in the seacoast the weather is humid as UAE experience hot winds.

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