Question by  arun (26)

What is the advantage of a baby food feeder?

I just don't understand what the point is.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

If you mean the type of feeder that warms the food, there would be plenty of good reasons to have it. The food is placed in sections and it is warmed and will stay warm until the baby is done eating. The one I had heated the food but a thermostat wouldn't let it get too hot for the baby.


Answer by  CJ98 (127)

A baby food feeder allows a baby to "eat" solid foods without chocking. As the baby chews on it, the food will mash up and the baby can swallow it.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

I don't understand the point in a baby food feeder either. I always liked to feed my babies with a spoon when they started eating. I guess the advantage of one would be if you are on a trip it might seem to be easier for you.


Answer by  halibut (29)

Baby food feeders are particularly important to prevent children from choking, they are usually used to feed fruit to small babies.

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