Question by  NickSharpisaBitch (103)

What is the address of the Georgia Tech Bookstore?

I accidentally took something out of there, and I need to send them payment.


Answer by  exbankworker (58)

The Georgia Tech Bookstore is located at the following address: 48 5th Street NW Atlanta, GA 30308 Please be sure to include sufficient postage on your mail as well as a letter explaining who you are and what the payment is for, so that they can correctly apply the funds.


Answer by  bbrukner (12)

The address according to google is the following: 225 North Ave NW Atlanta, Georgia 30332. Their phone number in case you need it to verify this is the bookstore you took something from is 404 894 2000. I hope this helps you. Are you feeling guilty and want to send them payment for something?

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