Question by  lexlexxo (15)

What is taurine found in energy drinks?

Is it safe?


Answer by  clausline (163)

An amino acid, taurine helps regulate the level of water and mineral salts in the blood. It is found naturally in many foods, and is added to many energy drinks because it is believed to improve atheletic and mental performance. A daily intake of up to 3000 milligrams a day of taurine is considered to be safe.


Answer by  hartford (506)

Taurine is an amino acid believed to be safe for most people and in some cases is used as a medical treatment.It is thought to improve mental and athletic performance.


Answer by  soumilm (6)

Rumored to be bull's sperm,Taurine is an organic acid.It is present in the human body in small quantities.It is believed to have a connection with the energy levels of the body.A mixture of taurine in small amounts with caffeine have showed improvement in physical performance as well as mental alertness.


Answer by  wms10 (93)

Taurine is an organic acid which may be beneficial for blood pressure. The European Food Safety Authority believes one may ingest up to 1000mg with no adverse side effects.

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