Question by  MPX (171)

What is so special about Brimham rocks?

So many people save money for a trip to see the Brimham rocks, and yet to me they are nothing but rocks.


Answer by  shanichole (12)

Brimham rocks are located in England, and they are one of the most unique set of natural rock formations in the world. The most interesting of all of the rocks in the area is Idol Rock, is a huge rock, which is suspended on a much smaller rock only a small percentage of its size.


Answer by  m3ta4 (774)

The way the rock formations actually look is what makes them special. They look structurally unsound, yet they stand the test of time.


Answer by  Ben80 (288)

The Brimham Rocks are balancing rock formations located on Brimham Moor in North Yorkshire, England. The rocks stand at a height of nearly 30 meters. They are amazing the way that they balance on such small stones with huge boulders on top.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

The Brimham rocks are very unusual formations. Many people are intrested in seeing these formations. Some people see objects in them. If you're not intrested in them, then they probably would not be worth a long journey, but the area they are located in is part of the National Trust and entry is free.


Answer by  Rajesh97 (31)

The most special about Brimham rocks are amazing rocks that glares in the sun shine,it has a power of something,so people visiting to see brimham rocks as a trip of monthy once or twice.So all should see the power of god's nature in their life.So people save their money for a trip to see the Brimham rocks.

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