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What is saltpeter?


Answer by  kmmbq (34)

Saltpeter is a common name for potassium nitrate. Its chemical formula is KNO3. It occurs naturally in caves as the mineral niter and has historically been produced from urine and dung. It has been used in a variety of capacities including as the oxidizing component of black powder, as a fertilizer and as a meat preservative.


Answer by  MMarie (90)

Saltpeter is also known as potassium nitrate. It is a chemical compound; a naturally occurring mineral source of nitrogen. It is a white crystalline compound that is used in many things. For example it is used in fertilizers, explosives, matches, rocket propellants and it is even used to pickle meat and at times keep it fresh.


Answer by  Betty0320 (734)

Saltpeter is also known as potassium nitrate, which is a component of gun powder and a food preservative. It's also known as sodium nitrate, which is a component of fertilizers and explosives, propellants, etc. It could also be referring to the Saltpeter War in Chile, Peru and Bolivia (1879-1884)


Answer by  adolf (75)

Saltpeter are usually trivial names for nitrates (for example Kali- Saltpeter KNO3). The name derives from Latin "sal petrae", stone salt. In German nitric acid is referred to as "Saltpetersaure". Saltpeter is usually used in German, I am not aware that usage in English. Slatpeter is used in gun powder and fertilizer.


Answer by  Grallf (97)

Saltpeter is the chemical compound Potassium Nitrate with the formula of KNO3. It is one of three chemicals needs for gun powder and used to be collected from decomposing organic mater. It is now used in fireworks, fertiliser and rocket propellent. It can also be used in preservation of meat or to control burning on cigarette papers.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Saltpeter can refer to a number any of things. For starters Saltpeter in History was a war between Chili Peru and Bolivia. Also saltpeter can be referring to the oxidizing component of gunpowder and food preservative. It is also a component of fertilizers and explosives. Saltpeter is the definition of a number of things.

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