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What is reactive detachment disorder?


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This is when a child has a hard time feeling emotionally attached to other people. Some children are just natural that way, others suffer from it due to abuse. Either way, you will need to seek professional help for both the child and family to get past it.

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There is no diagnosis "reactive detachment disorder." I assume you mean Reactive Attachment Disorder, code 313.89 in the DSM, although your defintion is not very clear.  add a comment

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"RAD" is a complex Psychiatric disorder, in which they have serious problems with attachment to others. This disorder usually presents itself by age 5 but you will usually notice it by the childs 1st birthday.


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RAD is effective disorder in children caused due to absence of emotional warmth during the first few years, forming meaningful relationship and develop a positive self image. Negligence of care, Low self esteem and unhealthy environment are the symptons. Treatment for this disorder is not in the form medication, but in the form of positive thinking and making health.


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It is a disorder normally found in children. It is when your child displays disturbing and inappropriate ways of dealing with others socially. They can either be not wanting to deal with others at all socially--that is called the inhibited form of the disorder. There is another form known as the "disinhibited form" which is the opposite.


Answer by  jupiterfox (328)

Reactive detachment disorder can be described as a psychiatric illness that affects young kids.Symptoms usually include failure to gain weight,hesitancy in social interactions and detached behavior.


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A child who has not bonded with his/her biological parent may struggle to bond with others. A child is developing at such a rapid pace. This initial bonding gets imprinted


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Reactive Detachment Disorder is a pretty newly discovered disorder or syndrome where a person is unable to really give/receive love, unable to be trusted, they're manipulative... they're detached emotionally.


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Reactive atatchment disorder is when a child has had severe problems very young with relationships. A child doesn't respond to comforting, is difficult, and can be colicy.


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Reactive detachment disorder is when a child fails to attach to its caregivers in the way that most children do. For some reason they are unable to form that natural parent child bond.


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Reactive attachment disorder is the inability for a child to attach or form emotional bonds with parents or caregivers. Usually it is a result of early childhood neglect or instability, such as being raised in an orphanage with little attention, or moving frequently from one foster home to another, so the child hasn't learn to bond with one caregiver.

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