Question by  amitsaraogi80 (30)

What is making it so that my lawn mower won't go forward?


Answer by  GilFinn (2065)

Generally, self-propelled mowers use a belt and pully, which needs occasional adjustment. Over time, the pully will back away from normal use, causing the drive belt to slip.


Answer by  Chris66 (27)

We'll assume you have a typical self-propelled, gasoline-powered mower. The propulsion mechanism may be broken or your wheel bearings/bolts may be frozen. Try to see if the wheels will turn with the propulsion system disengaged to determine what is causing the issue. Next, check the propulsion system for a broken belt or misaligned pully teeth.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

There may not be enough fuel in your lawn mower, which is why the lawn mower is not going forward. Add more fuel.


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

The problem could be the blades have jammed. The motor on the mower is waring out. When looking at the blades unplug the mower check they are working freely. See if the blades are dented this could stop the blade working one way. Raise the blade this might help. If the motor is waring a new mower maybe necessary.


Answer by  Badbiscuit (73)

Assuming that it is a riding mower,there are usually two belts that run underneath your mower. The bottom one runs your deck, the top one runs power from the engine to your trans-axle. Check to make sure that when you let off the clutch/brake that the top belt is getting tight and is still in place.


Answer by  keepitsharp (48)

Most self propelled lawn mowers have a belt that goes from the engine shaft (where the blade is) to the transmition. It is very common for these belts to only last a couple of years.


Answer by  soaringeyrien (25)

Your lawn mower may not be going forward because there is a big rock in front of it. Try going around the rock and the mower will go forward again.

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