Question by  DanKimball (19)

What is involved with setting left sided letterhead in Word?

I need to know how to set left sided letterhead in Word.


Answer by  S3Cubed (6)

This is a fairly simple exercise in Word 2007. First open a new document. Next double-click the top portion of the document. This will open the Header editing tool. To set to Left Hand use CTRL + L shortcut. When done just double-click the document outside the header area.


Answer by  cjsmuz (162)

The quickest way to devise a letterhead in the left margin of a Word document is to access the many templates available from the "New" menu.


Answer by  cjsmuz (162)

Use the Table command to design a two-columned layout. First column should be about 1-2 inches. That will be your "left-sided letterhead" space. Use your table formatting commands to customize.


Answer by  hems (160)

It is very simple to set the left sided letterhead in all the versions of the Word.You can use the shortcut ctrl+L or you can use the icon on formatting tool bar. This alignment gives you an good look for your document.


Answer by  shiny807 (99)

We can use word in an office or in home, probably use it most often writing letters. The template set up was by corporate some IT persons. But if office is small or we are home user means We need to know how set up a template for creating letters.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

There is an alternative: You can turn around your sheet and use a text field to enter the usual text. This text field you can trun.

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