Question by  MMarie (90)

What is hypokinesis?


Answer by  Sergiu (344)

Hypokinesis means decreased ability to move. It may reffer to the whole body, or to particular limbs or organs. More specifically it means that a particular organ does not function at full capacity regarding its motion: the muscles, the stomach, the gut, the bladder.


Answer by  keertana (26)

Hypokinesis is a condition usually associated with heart muscles where the muscular movement is reduced or abnormally slow.Its root lies in Greek,"hypo" meaning "under" and "kinesis" meaning "movement".Sometimes a region of heart wall contract lesser than other parts- termed as "hypokinetic heart wall".The concept can be extended to the whole body, i.e, decreased body activity which results in weight increase..


Answer by  PJ24 (220)

Hypokinesia is reduced movement, usually due to a disease affecting motor skills such as Parkinson's. When you can't move in the way you want, you move as little as possible.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

The two parts of the word are "hypo" meaning "under" and "kinesis", which refers to movement. So it means "slow movement" or "movement slower than (or under) the expected speed."

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