Question by  hollarmelissa (24)

What is Disney's Carousel of Progress?

We are planning a trip and I want to know if it's worth the time.


Answer by  pattyhall (27)

Walt Disney's Carousel Of Progress is a 21 minute stage show that is presented on a revolving theater in the Tomorrowland ares of the Magic Kingdom theme park. Travel thru time from decade to decade as you discover new technologies that make your life more easy, comfortable & fun-and sometimes more complicated. Fun for the whole family since 1964.


Answer by  SteveS (19)

The carousel of Progress is a short (20 min) show about the way that technology advances. It was made a while ago and is somewhat cheesy, but can be fun to see once. It can be a fun thing to go see when you're waiting for your Space Mountain Fast pass time to arrive. I think it's worth seeing once.


Answer by  KLR (606)

Carousel of Progress is an attraction that can be found in the Disney Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland. It also was in Disneyland Park from 1967 to 1975. The attraction depicts technical progress through the eyes of a typical family. It has been updated five times in order to keep up with fast paced technical progress.


Answer by  puzzlelady (62)

This 21-minutes stage show, in a revolving theater, tells the story of the evolution of technology in the 20th century.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

Its a really big ride made in the 60's that supposedly shows a demonstration of nuclear fusion, and also is a really big carousel.

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