Question by  sjflanders (26)

What is better: cast iron or fiberglass?


Answer by  dmyers03 (9)

Fiberglass is better due to the fact that it is lighter, stronger, and more flexible. Fiberglass can be used in many more applications than cast iron such as fishing poles and roofing materials. Fiberglass is also not a very conductive material.


Answer by  robinfr (34)

The choice depends on use. A boat built for speed will require fiberglass whereas an ocean liner will utilize cast iron in its structure and the machinery to run it rather than fiberglass.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

Cast iron as far as strength, but the strength to weight ratio is much better in fiberglass. They're both better at different things.


Answer by  acelanders67 (381)

When comparin cast iron with fiberglass, it all boils down to what project you're working on. Cast iron is strong and durable; nowhere near as fragile as fiberglass.


Answer by  thechadv1 (200)

The answer to this question depends greatly on the use. Cast iron is much more durable, but will rust and is very heavy in comparison to fiberglass.


Answer by  worker8739 (555)

Doing a bathroom update , the difference between cast iron or fiberglass is going to be weight and style. Fiberglass is exceptionally light, comes in many different styles. The soaker tubs with whirlpool jets are an example. Cast iron does not have the properties to be as flexible. Look at the old fashioned clawfoot tubs.

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