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Question by  pjsfb (221)

What is Bawls Guarana?

I know it's a drink.


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

Bawls Guarana is an energy drink that has a lot of caffeine. They are owned by Hobarama LLC located in Miami.


Answer by  lei (490)

Bawls Guarana is simply an energy. Bawls is the manufacturer and Guarana is the flavor ingredient in it. Guarana is a berry that looks like a nut. It is from the Amazon and is said to contain twice the amount of caffeine as coffee making it a good ingredient to most energy drinks and other carbonated drinks.


Answer by  bevbuff (12)

It is a carbonated soda-like energy drink. It is made from a seed found in the Brazilian Amazon. The guarana is an energy booster that is added to the drink to give the beverage its extra kick. Guarana is not caffeine, but is a natural replacement that is generally regarded as safe.


Answer by  armand1118 (69)

it is a type of soda. it also gives you energy. it has a unique taste to it some people enjoy it and others do not. there is also another Bawls drink called Greek Beer (aka Root Beer) also very enjoyable.

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