Question by  Keith85 (23)

What is an "outer orbit"?

I always hear about "inner orbit".


Answer by  Andrew3012 (7)

In an atom electrons can occupy certain specific orbits around the nucleus, but not the spaces between them. An electron can jump from one orbit to another, emitting or absorbing light. The orbit furthest out will be called the 'outer orbit' and the closer one the 'inner orbit'.


Answer by  ScottM (86)

Outer orbit is the orbit outside of our solar system. Some objects orbit the sun inside of our solar system, but some have larger orbits, they are in outer orbit.


Answer by  Sameh (8)

the outer orbit is the surface that exposed directely to sun rays and other harmfull rays which can affect on earth directly and cause carcenogenic effects to both humans and animals on our planet, it may be also the orbit that earth run and circulate in

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