Question by  Dana67 (12)

What is an Easter Egg tree?

My mom said that I need to make an Easter Egg tree for the children to better understand the holiday.


Answer by  chalyse (147)

You can make an Easter Egg tree by using a dead twig. Make the twig stand "upright" like a tree and put the bottom into a piece of hard foam to hold it secure. Make a hole in one end of some colored eggs (plastic or emptied) and put them on the end of the twig limbs. Paint or decorate.


Answer by  Bobbie14 (23)

My sister-in-law has an Easter Egg tree and it is a small bare tree and she hangs plastic eggs from the branches. The eggs are those small eggs that candy often comes in. She uses the strings of grass to hang them by separating the egg and inserting a strand of grass before tieing it on to a branch.


Answer by  Jennifer08 (554)

You can take plastic eggs and attach them to an artificial tree. Then on the outside of the eggs list some scriptures or something to teach the children about the holiday and why it is celebrated.


Answer by  Vicki87 (436)

An Easter Egg tree won't help children understand the holiday if you're Catholic. The Easter bunny comes from Ostara, the pagan fertility goddess who's familiar was a rabbit.

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