Question by  Ezrael2979 (20)

What is advice on how to figure percentages?

I have been having tons of trouble with percentages, and nobody has explained it in a way that has clicked in my brain yet.


Answer by  lwarlick (121)

a percentage is a ratio of smallest to biggest. say you need to know what the percentage 3 is of 7, also written as 3/7, divide 3 by 7=. 43, 43%


Answer by  Wade (168)

When dealing with percentages it is important to realize that your answer needs to be multiplied by 100 to make it a percentage. So if you have 50 out of 100, your answer comes to. 50. If you move the decimal point to the right two space (. 50 becomes 50. ) then you will have your final percentage.

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