Question by  Keesha (24)

What is a ruffler foot?

i think it has something to do with sewing.


Answer by  livingchoice (84)

A special sewing machine attachment that makes perfectly even ruffles/pleats as you sew. As you are sewing, one side of the fabric will stay flat while the other side will have neat ruffles. With this attachment you can also adjust the length or size of the ruffles you want to make.


Answer by  Evgeni556 (63)

Ruffler foot is a big complicated mechanism of a sewing machine. You use it to evenly space ruffles and pleats. It is used to ruffle big jobs like: curtains, skirts, home decor items


Answer by  mbhef (89)

A ruffler foot is a sewing machine attachment foot. It is used to create pleats and gathers on to fabric.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

If it a special foot that gathers material to make ruffled things. You usually do this with more material so you will have a good ruffle. I have a dressing table that I make a ruffles skirt for.


Answer by  wendym1597 (224)

a ruffler foot does have to do with sewing. It goes on the sewing machine. It makes the fabric that you are sewing wavy.

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