Question by  GaryVentimiglia (21)

What is a natural jewelry cleaner recipe?

I want to clean my own jewelry with something that isn't harsh, and it natural.


Answer by  stephblake (205)

Mix a squeeze of mild dish detergent with warm water in a bowl. Put the gold item into the soap mixture for a few minutes. Use a soft toothbrush & gently scrub the jewelry. Remove item from soapy water, rinse it and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.


Answer by  Miffy (216)

You can mix some dishwashing detergent, washing soda and household ammonia with plenty of warm water to make your own natural cleaner. Soak the jewelry in it for up to 10 minutes as need be, and you can use an old toothbrush to loosen dirt as well. Afterwards, rinse and dry.


Answer by  enexel (43)

You can clean your jewelry as simple as brushing your teeth. All you have to do is get a detergent soap ( bar or powder) and a used toothbrush (will do). Put a soap in the toothbrush and gently brush it on to the jewelry you are going to clean. Rinse. Do it again. Rinse thoroughly. Try it.


Answer by  Nancy (578)

Line a bowl with aluminum foil, shiny side up. Put your jewelry in it. Next cover with baking soda and add boiling water. Let it sit, remove, and then rinse.


Answer by  Anonymous

Water and ammonia. supposed to be equal parts, but I always use a little more ammonia. Gently scrub with toothbrush. This was told to me by the lady who USED to clean my jewelry in the jewelry store.


Answer by  Anonymous

baking soda and white vinegar mixed wrks best i make & sell jewelry & this is best for gold , silver & platinum use with a cloth for intricate pieces a soft tooth/make up brush will do.

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most kids have used baking soda and vinegar in science class for a foamy mess  add a comment
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This one sounds good. I already use these two items to clean my hair.  add a comment

Answer by  violetfade (51)

When making home made jewelry cleaner,a mild detergent or dish soap can be used and diluted with water.For a more intense cleaning solution,household ammonia can be added to the mix.


Answer by  fionahettmer (17)

I usually take an old toothbrush add a little toothpaste and some washing up liquid, rub over the item leave for a few minutes then rinse off with warm water.

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