Question by  Alicia (25)

What is a good treatment for dyshidrosis or eczema?

I have horrible eczema.


Answer by  Olivia27 (41)

Use a mild soap and warm, not hot, water to prevent dryness. Use a moisturizer with petroleum jelly after bathing to lock in moisture. Don't scratch the rash and make sure to wear loose fitting clothes.


Answer by  trudie1962 (1022)

If you are looking for an over-the-counter remedy, I've had good results with hydro-cortisone cream. Make sure that it is 1% hydro-cortisone - the weaker .05% version did not work for me. Prior to applying it, take a warm oatmeal bath: grind up some ordinary oatmeal in a blender until very powdery and sprinkle it into the water.


Answer by  rtsgirl51405 (78)

eucerin cream, or lotion. Also take baths every other night, and use a mild soap. Id eucerin doesn't work try Aveeno.


Answer by  mascota (639)

Put a handful of porridge oats in a piece of a old stocking. Knot end and put it into your bath. The milky liquid the porridge releases works wonders.


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

It is a non-contagious skin problem. It is a type of eczema of unknown cause that is characterized by a pruritic vesicular eruption on the fingers. Keeping the skin dry and cool is the most effective treatment for Dyshidrotic Eczema. Heat, sweating, and moisture can make symptoms worse.


Answer by  leann89 (169)

You should try Nivea lotion which is really thick and moisturizing. Be sure to moisturize your skin right after you bathe - this will help lighten some of the symptoms.


Answer by  adz01 (13)

eczema can't be cured treatment aim to control the symptoms, some symptoms of eczema are red skin, dry cracking skin, and most commonly none itchy skin.

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