Question by  LucindaSue1 (51)

What is a good quick way to convert feet to centimeters?


Answer by  Antimony88 (17)

It only takes one step, which is multiplying the number of feet by 30.48 to find the number of centimeters. For example, 2 feet would be 60.96 centimeters (2 X 30.48 = 60.96). You could just multiply the number of feet by 30.5 if your measurements don't have to be quite as precise.


Answer by  kurt26 (5)

Convert the given feet measurement into inches by dividing the given feet by 12. Then, convert the quotient into centimeters by dividing it by 2.54, which is the approximated conversion factor for inches to centimeters. This answer should be quick but this hit requires at least 50 words, so there.

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