Question by  lindsay (111)

What is a good father/daughter dance song for my wedding?


Answer by  Anonymous

Daddy's Little Girl


Answer by  GeekBoy (146)

There's an older song co-written by Harry Belafonte called "Turn Around" that talks about a father watching his daughter grow up and get married. The Kingston Trio and Nanci Griffith have covered it, along with many others. It starts out "where are you going my little one..."


Answer by  Anonymous

my little girl by tim mcgraw


Answer by  Gamawire (18)

A beautiful song for a father and daughter to dance to at the daughter's wedding would definitely be 'I Loved Her First,' the debut single from Heartland, a new group who took this song all the way to number one on the Country charts last year.


Answer by  YellowCar (87)

A good father/daughter dance song for your wedding is 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol. This is a good song for a couple of reasons. One is that it is just a good song with a danceable beat. Another is that it will be very awkward and funny between you and your dad, and a laugh is always good.


Answer by  alexgin (71)

There is a wonderful song that I heard about five years ago. It is by Bob Carlisle and it is called 'Butterfly Kisses.' It is mainly about a father and his daughter. Every time I hear this song I have to start to cry. There will not be a dry eye in the house. Best Wishes

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