Question by  momoside (24)

What is a good, economical dog food?


Answer by  annie30 (105)

I would go with purina. They use good ingredients; all meat and veggies. They don't use grains as fillers, so you know your dog is getting good nutrition as well as a full belly. Most importantly, they don't test on animals, so you know you're buying from an ethical company.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

I have recently discovered Blue brand dog food. They are wonderful, economical, and they don't use any cornmeal, which can be harmful to dogs. The first ingredient is always a form of meat (chicken, fish, lamb). They have it at PetSmart, but I must say that you will pay a bit for this dog food. It's worth it!


Answer by  mnmas (238)

We really like Purina Dog Chow. You can buy it pretty much any place that sells dog food. It is not too expensive but does seem to be of decent quality. Our dogs have eaten it for years and seem to enjoy it. They are 8 and 10 and are both active with nice coats.


Answer by  Annie36 (25)

I find that Gravy Train is a good and economical dog food. I buy it in bulk and I add some water to make a gravy out of it. My dog really likes this food and also you can add some left-overs to his bowl and then your dog will think he is eating people food.


Answer by  Ashli (251)

You should look in a specialty dog food store for their food. Most food from the grocery store is cheap and made with by-product, so you have to give your dog more food to give it proper nutrition. If you pay a little more for a quality food, you'll feed your dog less and it will be healthier.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

I was told by a vet to use a brand name of dog food all the time. Brand name foods tend to have all the nutrients an animal needs while cheaper foods might be missing something. Also consider changing brands for every bag in case one brand has a problem (which has happened in the recent past).

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