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Question by  mountainmama (18)

Can taking natural herbs help to balance your hormones to reduce unwanted facial hair?

I know it is my hormones causing the facial hair but do not know how to fix it.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Soy, licorice, sorrel, spearmint, red clover and thyme are all said to reduce testosterone. You may have affected adrenal function, in which case adrenal dessicate may be very beneficial. You should have a physical to check your thyroid and other hormone producing functions. You shouldn't use any of these if you suspect you are pregnant as they can be abortificants.


Answer by  mturk59 (53)

Blackstrap molasses is known to control excess hair growth, and a tablespoon or more should be consumed daily for results.

posted by Anonymous
does the bsmolasses really work? & how long do you have to wait to start seeing results??? please help  add a comment

Answer by  Skullwing (746)

Unfortunately once you have the hair on your face hormonal changes by herbs, medicine, or nature will do next to nothing to remove it as the hair follicles have already grown in. Manual removal of the offending hairs is required be it by shaving, plucking, thermolosis, electrolosis, or laser hair removal.

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