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Question by  Briar (26)

What is a fungal infection on the skin under the breasts?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There are more than one different kind of fungus that can grow here. Fungal growth is a problem under the breasts because it's moist and a perfect breeding ground.


Answer by  dtb (257)

Because the area under the breasts can be dark, warm and moist, it can be a breeding area for fungus. It can leave the area red and blotchy with itchiness. The best treatment is an antifungal treatment like Zeasorb. You should treat this quickly, as it can spread and leave permanent scarring if not treated.


Answer by  BrianB89 (160)

What you may think is a fungal infection could in fact be a Breast Rash. Hot Climates, perspiration, and under-wire bras may increase the likelihood of a rash appearing. However, this rash can develop into an infection of you do not clean your undergarments properly to remove dirt and grime.

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