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Question by  Colonel (12)

What are they symptoms of a yeast infection under the breast?

I have itching and a rash under my breast.


Answer by  Asuu (17)

Often times, the symptoms of a yeast infection under the breast is swelling, soreness, and redness. Sometimes, there may be itching like stated, and red patches around the rash. The skin may also be peeling. Yeast infection is often by appearances and if you are still unsure of the infection, consult with your doctor.


Answer by  prashanthi (44)

Redness, swelling, oozing and itchiness in the affected area. Tiny red patches sometimes sorround the main part of the rash. Skin infections, skin may peel and become quite sore. The infected area is always wet.


Answer by  rasheedckd (133)

The usual symptoms which affect breast due to yeast infections are redness and swelling. sometimes, there may have some itching sensation and oozing. Sometimes the red patches may cover around the main part of rashes. The skin gradually becomes peel and may alter into quite sore area. skin folds may remain unchanged is if the breast left untreated.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

There is usually tiny red bumps with a lot of moisture. The skin will look red and you can actually smell a yeast smell. The area can be very sore.


Answer by  Iamstrong (659)

The most common symptoms are swelling, redness and/or oozing and itchiness in the affected area. Red patches may occur. The cause is attributed to a moist, warm environment created by the breast; specifically in large breast. Additionally, skin may peel and become sore.


Answer by  dazee (85)

A yeast infection anywhere including under the breast can cause an excortiated redness with a burning and itching sensation. Like all fungal infections, it thrives in dark moist places. The best natural way to cure this problem is to wash the area with mild soap and water then completely dry the area and expose to the sunlight and air.


Answer by  healthguru (47)

Yeast infection under the breast may cause an itchy rash, with red, shiny skin. It may also be seen in other moist skin folds or in the groin.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

The most common signs of a yeast infection under the breast, or anywhere on the body, is redness and irritation at the site of itching, as well as some swelling.


Answer by  heather88 (1897)

You can't get a yeast infection in your breast. It might be some sort of rash. You would have to consult your doctor about it, to have it taken care of.

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Answer by  Anonymous

You CAN get a yeast infection under the breast or anywhere there are deep folds in the skin. Ask a doctor what to do. DO NOT take advice from strangers on the internet, especially ones who can't spell. See a doctor!

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