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Question by  hrandy123 (15)

What is a formal table centerpiece idea?

I want something unique.


Answer by  changingitup (7)

Try something dramatic but simple to create, like a large willow branch that has been spray painted gold or silver in a clear vase. Add colored marbles or sprigs of berries for color.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

A great centerpiece for a formal table would be a display consisting of a few candles all of various heights. Get a candle color to match your decor. A nice flower arrangement also always makes a great centerpiece for any formal living space.. Flowers such as roses, lillys and tulips work well.


Answer by  gwizzy2009 (204)

You might look to use a vase in the center and fill the bottom with small pieces of colored glass or marbles.


Answer by  thewindrose (642)

Purchase a big glass vase with an interesting shape. Then fill it with whatever fits the mood or season - acorns in the fall, silver balls at Christmas, mini footballs for an NFL party - whatever you wish!

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