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Question by  kamal57 (18)

What is a flashing star?

Is it really a satellite?


Answer by  dloksel (6)

Tumbling, nonspheroidal, starlike objects, such as satellite related space junk, commonly reflect sunlight. Some meteors, airplanes, space probes, fireworks, and UFO's may also flash. Astronomers take photographs through telescopes to analyze how variable stars, like Mira, vary in brightness. Several telescopic variable stars are flashing stars (pulsars) with a period of a few seconds.


Answer by  WkdWtchOfTheWst (17)

A flashing star is really a star, not a satellite, nor a planet. Planets don't flash and you can tell you are looking at a satellite by following it with your eyes as it travels through the sky. It will slowly fade and then reappear.


Answer by  mogihumtusin1 (71)

Flashing is just a star but sirius is the brightest star of them all. The reason why it flashing because their light has to pass through earth's atmosphere. You can tell how hot or cold a star is through their colour. If its red, the star is cold and if its blue, the star is hot.


Answer by  Chrissie (266)

If a star looks to an observer on the ground like it's flashing, either it's a satellite or an airplane or some other manmade object, or else there are weather conditions interfering with seeing the object clearly. For instance, Venus can appear to be flashing when it's near the horizon.

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