Question by  Robin (149)

What is a 12 egg yolk cake?

I wan to make one, it sounds delicious.


Answer by  idetektiv (208)

A 12 egg yolk cake is pretty much just like the dessert flan. The yolks are whipped and mixed with milk and cream to make a custard. It usually bakes in an oven for around 50 minutes, and usually has a lemon flavor to it, made in a tube pan.


Answer by  Subaruchef (86)

A 12 egg yolk cake is basically a flan, Spanish custard cake. The egg yolks are whipped and mixed with milk or cream and baked to form a custard.


Answer by  Ang (58)

What you are refering to is not really a cake at all. It is considered a torte. A Warsaw Party Torte can be made with 10-12 egg yolks, depending on weather the maker(baker) chooses to use Soft Silk cake flour or Gold Medal flour. This torte will serves 12.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

A 12 egg yolk cake is a flan cake. It is native to Vietnam and the only ingredients are the yolk, water, condensed milk, vanilla extract and sugar. It is somewhat hard to make and has several steps.


Answer by  hamza (25)

The 12 amount cake is a spunge cake that contains a small amount of white flour,sugar,baking powder,and is baked in oven for about 50 minutes it is very soft and delicious.


Answer by  3edad (219)

A 12 egg yolk cake is also known as an egg yolk sponge cake. A recipe for such a cake calls for twelve egg yokes, two cups of sugar, one cup of boiling water, a half teaspoon of salt, four teaspoons of baking powder, two teaspoons of lemon extract and 3 cups of sifted flour.


Answer by  jmac3333 (32)

It's a delicious, dense, moist cake that is often made at the same time an angel food cake is made. It uses the yolks that are leftover from using 12 egg whites for the angel food cake. It's also made in a tube pan and has a lemon flavor.

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