Question by  Yazuser (52)

What information can you give me on using Monistat for a yeast infection?

I need to make sure that Monistat is effective for yeast infection.


Answer by  herzog (555)

Monistat 1 day treatment contains tioconazole but the 3 and 7 day treatments contain miconazole, two totally different compounds so make sure which one you purchase. They do however have similar efficacy. Occasionally Monistat will not clear it up. There is no way to tell this before you try it.


Answer by  Slygirl (13)

Monistat comes in the form of a small, egg-shaped insert which will dissolve inside you. It can be messy and feel strange, so wear a pad. Avoid tampons. Even if your symptoms go away early, finish the box(usually seven days' worth) to make sure the infection has cleared.


Answer by  Tim7972 (5)

My girlfriend had a yeast infection recently, we think she got it from swimming in a lake. She used Monistat's three day treatment. She felt a lot better after the first day and was completely cleared up after the treatment was complete.


Answer by  ewam (403)

When I was sixteen I got my first yeast infection. When I called my gynecologist she told me to try Monistat first before coming in to see her. And boy was she right, it totally work. Just make sure to follow the directions.


Answer by  SKtips (141)

Monistat is one of many feminine hygiene products developed specificly for combatting a yeast infection. Just follow the package instructions.

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