Question by  MladenTrajkov (29)

What happens when you unintentionally close your browser when downloading a program?


Answer by  asad (116)

In old browsers if unintentionally you have closed the browser the program your downloading will also close with the browser. Now a days the new web browser i. e Firefox, IE, Google Chrome have the ability to keep the active downloads when you close the browser it asks you to continue or exit the downloading or you can resume it later.


Answer by  worker2328 (52)

When You unintentionally close your browser while downloading a program the program will continue to download with no problem in the background


Answer by  worker2268 (76)

Unless you have a specific addon for the browser AND the source of your download supports "resume"... odds are your download was cancelled outright, and you'll have to start again.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

The temporary file is erased and the download cannot be resumed, you have to start the download all over. You should try a download manager to avoid this problem. Just do a google search!

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