Question by  diva25 (4016)

What happens if you gain weight after a belly piercing?

What if you lose weight?


Answer by  safnme3 (179)

Gaining weight or losing weight will not affect the piercing for the most part. If you gain a lot of weight like you do in pregnancy they have flexible bands that you can wear that are plastic. Just like any part of your body the skin stretches as it will when either one of these things happen.


Answer by  JJ24 (177)

It depends on how much weight you gain or lose. If you become very obese your piercing may be covered by fat. Losing weight shouldn't change your piercing much.


Answer by  blairemarie (128)

Gaining weight may cause more moisture and bacteria to accumulate in your navel due to increased skin folds. You should carefully wash daily. Weight loss has no negative side effects.

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