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Question by  Sarathviswa (19)

How do women gain weight?

I'm told my low weight is threatening my health.


Answer by  Dustin (359)

Eating right is important as you do not want to add bad weight. You should be eating at least a gram of protein for each pound you weigh and use strength training to build muscle mass. You need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as well. Stay away from sugar and fat.


Answer by  Marsha94 (618)

Gain weight by eating lots of carbs and do not work out excessively. You still need to excercise, but make sure your calorie intake is significantly larger than the calories you burn.


Answer by  Holiwog (45)

Eat food full of protein, carbohydrates and unsaturated fats. Rather than eating the 3 staple meals a day, have 4 or 5 smaller meals, but slightly larger in proportion to what you would have with your 3 meals. An ideal meal would be 2/3 cupful of pasta/rice, a nice sauce and some red or white meat.


Answer by  Tom55 (33)

You gain weight by consuming more calories than your body uses. Your body uses calories all the time but the more active you are the more calories you use. In addition an individuals body metabolizes at it's own unique rate which is variable depending on external and internal conditions.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

A balanced, healthy diet is the only way to obtain and keep a good body weight. You need more calories which are found in fats, like butter and cheese, and carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and potatoes. Protein in milk fish and meat is important. If there is an underlying emotional issue then that should be addressed too.


Answer by  324hjt (610)

Women gain weight the same way as men- by consuming more calories than they burn. However, if you want to add muscular weight, start by working on strength exercises.


Answer by  zombieguy (986)

Gaining weight is simply a matter of consuming more calories than your body can burn in a given time period.


Answer by  MzGlace (373)

The only way to gain weight is to take in more calories than you are burning; eat more healthy, high calorie goods like whole grain breads, rice, avocado, bananas, and fruit juices.

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