Question by  Jerry (27)

What happens during the later stages of alzheimer's?


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

In the final stage of Alzheimer's a person loses the ability to speak, walk and eventually sit up. They become incontinent and need help with eating and using the toilet. There is also difficulty swallowing.


Answer by  Latha (264)

It is a suffering matter on later periods. The man or woman forget their whole memory and reach an unconditional stage. They don't know what they are doing,it causes some dangerous incidents. So we do one thing our whole love to the person and care mostly.


Answer by  Srfingfreak (697)

Alzheimer's is a disease which affects the pathways between cognition and memory. As the disease progresses, the ability to process short term memory into long term degenerates further and further. Short term memory dissappears over time as well.


Answer by  cupcake (360)

Towards the last stages of Alzheimer's disease, the patient loses the ability to do certain things such as walking and feeding themselves. They forget names of their loved ones, and even how to talk. Eventually their brain turns to mush and their organs start to shut down, death follows.

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