Question by  project76 (31)

What fake plants are okay in an aquarium?


Answer by  mannersandsuch (1796)

Only the kind that were designed to go in aquariums are safe. Other plants might leak dyes, break down in water, or be poisonous for fish and there is just no way to know. Pet stores, specialty stores and even box store like walmart carry aquarium safe plants.


Answer by  kirbyd (117)

Any fake plant is ok for you to put in your freshwater aquarium. Putting fake plants in a salt water aquarium is generally a bad idea though.


Answer by  itsjujubeans (80)

Plastic or silk plants are okay in an aquarium. Only use artificial plants that are made to be used in an aquarium because other fake plants can have chemicals or contaminants on them that would be a detriment to water quality and fish health.


Answer by  Fishtales (373)

Fake plants are fine in an aquarium. They look as natural as the real thing. In fact you are better off because real plants bring real problems. Snails is such a problem. Only live plants carry this disaster that will ruin your tank. Fish do not know the difference.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Any type of fake plants are okay as long as they do not wear or tear with chlorine. Some fake plants tend to work against the chlorine and algae in the aquarium. Just make sure to ask before buying if the fake plants will be okay for the aquarium or not.


Answer by  jsflw2010 (459)

Water Wonders provide a wide variety of lush and life like artificial, plastic aquarium plants. Providing realism and being durably constructed they are ideal for any aquarium setup. These highly detailed fake plants are sought after by some of the most scrutinizing aquarium enthusiasts. These plants are made from non toxic materials.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Always purchase artificial plants that are made for aquarium use to be sure their materials will not harm water chemistry. Pet stores and online sites selling aquatic supplies have them.


Answer by  sathu (157)

There are more fake plants to the aquarium which can be seen original and attractive looking.the plants are Ambulia,Cardamine,club moss,Amazon sword,Stonewort etc.these plants can be affordable to buy.


Answer by  Jolly (22)

the fake plants are okay in an aquaririum. the fake plants in an aquirium gives the fresh air an aqurium by receiving carbondi oxide. so the fishes get fresh air and can breath easily.


Answer by  ruffy (1117)

go to the pet store an buy aquarium plant that are for the fish tank if you try to other in the tank that dont belong in the tank they can kill you fish

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