Question by  jennybop (254)

What does white smoke from your car mean?

It is coming from my Ford Explorer.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well in most cases if you get a white sweet smelling smoke then it means that you are burning coolant. Typically this is either due to a leaking head-gasket or a cracked block/head. You well need to dissect the motor to be for sure. Had the smoke had a blueish tint then it would indicate oil being burnt.


Answer by  wildfire (135)

Most of the time, white smoke from the tail pipe means your burning coolant and that means you have a cracked block or leaking head gasket. You will know by the smell. It will be a sweet smelling white smoke.


Answer by  6ixk (1156)

White smoke from any car means you are burning oil. You should take your car to a mechanic and have it serviced before it leads to further problems.


Answer by  rookie105 (823)

White smoke from the exhaust usually means there is water entering the pistons some how, usually meaning a blow head gasket or its cold outside


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well a white sweet smelling smoke typically indicate a coolant leak. A blueish smoke usually indicates a oil leak. To be sure you should have a mechanic look at it.

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