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What does "slainte mhath" mean?


Answer by  loes (87)

It is a Scottish Gaelic espression that is used as a drinking toast. It means something like "Good health", with slainte meaning health. Mhath is often used in greetings or toasts, meaning good, or happy (as in Nollaig Mhath; happy christmas). You can respond to it using "Slainte mhor" which means great health. It is used in Scotland and Ireland.

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believe it or not, it probably makes a difference in the health outcomes of people who complete this ritual  add a comment

Answer by  eyen (61)

There are many phrases that can be used as drinking toasts to honor individuals, with different countries having their own specific ones for such occasions. One such example would be the phrase "cheers" used in the United States and Britain, while another is "slainte mhath", which translates to "good health" in the Irish language, and which is used in Ireland.


Answer by  Vidas (14)

It is a Scottish Gaelic phrase standing for "good health". These words are used when you are saluting someone or something with an alcoholic drink. It corresponds to English "cheers".


Answer by  serendip (408)

Slainte mhath means good health. It is used when drinking a toast much as we would say "To your health" or "Here's to you".


Answer by  patti (29325)

"Slainte Mhath" means "good health. " It is a drinking toast you hear in Ireland and Scotland. It's also the name of a fusion band in Cape Breton.


Answer by  Nixie (70)

"Slainte mhath" means "Good health" or "Good health to you". It can be used when you are giving a toast ("cheers").


Answer by  michaeledwardhourigan (462)

"Slainte mhath", is a statement made when making a drinking toast to a group of people, that is most commonly used in Scotland, and Ireland. The meaning of it is "To your health."


Answer by  tina63 (273)

Slainte Mhath is an expression in the Gaelic language meaning "good health." It is used as a toast when drinking.

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