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Question by  Talerith (83)

What does it mean when you have high liver enzymes?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

High liver enzymes is an indication of an inflammation or cell damage of the liver. Most of the time these enzymes are only temporarily elevated and cause no long lasting liver damage.


Answer by  DrMom (854)

High liver enzymes may mean that you consume too much alcohol. High enzymes are also discovered in people with hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, bile duct disease, diabetes, obesity, and gall stones. They can also be found in those who take certain drugs that treat arthritis and high cholesterol. Since it can be serious, it's important to seek medical evaluation.


Answer by  nurselisa (42)

Elevated liver enzymes mean that your liver is not functioning properly. This can be an indicator of many different disease processes or even a side effect of medication.


Answer by  KMcRae (714)

Can mean many things. It can be indication of liver disease if they are very high. Also certain medications such as prednisone can temporarily raise the levels.


Answer by  luckykadm (86)

If your liver enzymes are high you may have a fatty liver or hepatitis, you may need to lose weight or to quit drinking. Go see your gastroenterologist for a thorough evaluation.


Answer by  MsGreenGlory (50)

High laboratory levels of ALT and AST indicate that liver cells are inflamed or injured, resulting in a number of conditions that require further testing.


Answer by  TJenkins602 (656)

If you have high liver enzimes, it could have resulted from liver damage due to the consumptions of toxins or an overdose of over the counter medications like Tylenol. Your liver enzyme level could also rise as a result of a disease like viral hepatitus A or B. High enzyme levels should be addressed as soon as possible.

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