Question by  Kson (132)

What do you hunt with a Remington PG-200?

Is it a hunting gun?


Answer by  m3ta4 (774)

When using equipment like that, the best thing to hunt would be unruly or uncharacteristic facial hair. It can even be used for other hair, other than on the face - arm hair, leg hair, etc. As the PG-200 is a shaving razor and not a gun, it is not recommended for hunting animals.


Answer by  VearyFiona (5)

This is actually a personal grooming device with several attachments and accessories, so all you're hunting is unwanted facial hair! It can be used for beard and mustache trimming as well as for nose and ear hairs, eyebrows and sideburns. Trimmers, combs, and oil are usually part of the kit and kaboodle.

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